Popcorn Tofu



popcorn tofu $10

*bite sized battered tofu, served with gravy


cauliflower bites $10

*battered cauliflower florets, served with garlic mayo


onion rings $10

*crispy battered rings, served with chipotle mayo


sweet potato fries $9

*served with chipotle or garlic mayo


french fries $7

*fresh hand cut potates served with any dip


cheese fries $12

*fries topped with cheese and sour cream on the side


nacho fries $15

*fries topped with tomato, onion, hot peppers, cheese and sour cream


poutine $9

*fries topped with cheese and gravy


curry poutine $10

*fries topped with cheese and curried gravy


poutine supreme $16

*our regular poutine topped with pierogies, onions, sour cream



served with your choice of side: fries or coleslaw or dill pickle


Sweet Potato Fries

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burgers - your choice of a bun or flour tortilla wrap

served with your choice of side: fries or coleslaw or a dill pickle


dland basic burger $12

*lettuce, onion, pickles


big kahuna $14

*pineapple, bacon, garlic mayo


lord of the rings $14

*onion rings, jalapenos, banana peppers


lumber jacques $16

*cheese, bacon, mushrooms, onions


the Pickle Rick burger *lettuce, garlic mayo and deep fried pickles $16


dland wrap $12

*crispy bacon, cornmeal tofu, coleslaw, tomato, garlic mayo in a flour tortilla


rib-wich $13

*BBQ ribs on a bun with coleslaw and chipotle mayo.

Your choice of BBQ or Vindaloo sauce (Vindaloo is spicy hot & very yummy)


vindaloo Tofu burrito $14

*deep fried tofu, lettuce, tomato, rice tossed with Brick Lane Vindaloo Sauce

served in a flour tortilla. Sour cream on the side ** this is spicy hot



(4) deep fried oreos $6

*battered oreos served with whipped cream and chocolate drizzle

Ice Cream $4.50 cone or a bowl

Deluxe - $10  Ice Cream, Deep Fried Oreos, Whip                         Cream, your choice of topping


Cauliflower Bites